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Check out the user info if you're interested in joining!!

Be sure to read all of the rules before applying. There really aren't that many. We WILL be able to tell if you didn't!
From today on [01.01.07], all applications that aren't posted correctly will be denied.

Even if your application is passed, make sure that you read through ALL of the rules.
You may miss out in being included in the weekly polls, and miss your shot at member of the month because you never read how to enter.

I promise I'm not mean. I just hate when people miss out because they didn't read the rules. It makes me feel bad.

* * * * *
If you have been removed from the community due to being inactive, you may reapply when you have more time. We'd love to see you back here. We just want to keep this an active community. Hope you understand.

* * * * *
This is also where you can ask questions and/or leave suggestions. You may also share any concerns you have.

I will keep all comments screened.