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Photo themes & hunts!
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Goal: get out and use your camera!

This community is for photography lovers.

snapshot_seeker is for anyone and everyone who enjoys taking pictures. You do not have to be professional. Anyone can take beautiful/neat/crazy photos. This is a place to share them and hopefully get a little encouragement to get out there and see what you can do with a camera. We have weekly themes that range from being very general categories to more specific things. We also have a monthly scavenger hunt which we hope is a little more challenging than the weekly themes.


All you have to do is fill out and post the introduction! We just want to know that you're serious about joining, and it's a way of keeping track of everyone. You must post this introduction within THREE DAYS of joining, or you will be removed from the community. As soon as it's posted, you are officially a member and you can start participating right away! :)


1. PARTICIPATE! All you have to do is participate in ONE theme and/or post a scavenger hunt (even ONE of the ten photos works)! Each theme and photo for the hunt = 1 point each. Your goal? GET AT LEAST ONE POINT EACH MONTH! When you have zero points for a month, you get a warning (which is simply a reminder to participate). Two months of zero activity gets you removed. Just come back when you have more time! :)

*NOTE: You have until Thursday to vote, and until Saturday to enter the weekly theme contest, and until the last day of each month to enter the scavenger hunt.

2. All pictures must be taken by YOU. This means that you can't just find them online, or use pictures that other people took for you. If you steal someones photos, you will be banned. Also do not take/use any of the members pictures unless you ask and are granted permission!

3. Please resize your pictures if they are HUGE!

4. You may post pictures that are unrelated to the themes & hunts in my "free for all" posts! They're randomly posted just for you to share your photos but do not count towards activity.

5. No altering pictures. You can make slight changes that any basic camera could do (like change from color to black and white). No combining pictures together, and no borders. This only applies to the photo that you enter for the poll though. You may do whatever you like with the other pictures in the free for all posts :)

6. No voting for yourself in the polls.

7. Use a hosting site that does NOT give away who you are! (example: tinypic)

* Comment! You like getting comments on your posts, right? Return the favor! - okay, I realize that I can't make this a RULE, but I HIGHLY encourage it.



Read all of the rules before posting! By posting your introduction, you're saying that you have and that you understand them.
We will be able to tell if you didn't, and we will not accept you if you don't!

Do not use rich text mode and do not mess with the HTML. Make sure that you're making your post in the HTML setting, and NOT Rich Text! Everything is ready. All you have to do is copy the introduction and paste it into a new entry. Please put your answers after the >/b< (with the arrows reversed) tag.

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Don't be afraid to contact me. If you need help with coding, or have any questions, I'd be happy to help you.

You may also leave an questions/comments/concerns in this post, and I'll get back to you asap!

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